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29th-Jan-2008 12:55 pm - All your brain.
sex appeal is high.

We just came up with the best idea ever.

For our eventual bar crawl... the shirt should say:

All your brain are belong to us.

It's hilarious now... though it might not be by the time this is posted.

One of the more humorous moments of my day...

So we were in Cindy's lab class and I was attempting to remove the spinal cord from my rat, but I wasn't really sure what I was doing. Anyway, Steph and I were cracking up about it. Cindy says, "there sure is a lot of giggling over there." The class proceeds to laugh at us. Then Cindy responds, "No, that's perfectly ok. In fact, that's nothing. You should have heard Lace and Laurel in here last year..."
sex appeal is high.
Here's my favourite bit from the Rules and Regulations for Interview Weekend e-mail:

Please remember that alcohol is often a good social lubricant, but
that drinking to excess reflects badly on our program.

Well done Joe, for working the words "social lubricant" into everyday conversation.

This e-mail is hilarious.
Jen and Lace have already gotten much entertainment from it.
7th-Feb-2006 11:19 pm(no subject)
sex appeal is high.
Since there are so many of us, I thought this might be fun.

So I encourage each and every one and you (and you KNOW who you are) to join this sure to be KICKASS community and update this thing.

Maybe your fellow labmates are pissing you off.
Maybe your PI has given you back a paper SEVENTEEN times to make corrections.
Maybe you had a good day.
Maybe you went to a taxidermist.
Maybe there needs to be an emergency happy hour.
Maybe your D-19 won't go into solution and it is ruining all your in situs. (Oh wait, that's just me.)

And most importantly: MAYBE YOU HAVE GOOD GOSSIP.

I beg of you, post it here.

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